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By completing our Hire Agreement Form you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

Your credit/debit card details will be kept for the duration of your hire from Go By Cycle. This information will be destroyed upon return of the equipment in a satisfactory condition. The person signing the Hire Agreement Form will be held financially liable for any loss or damage to the equipment hired and is fully aware of these terms and conditions.

The hirer hereby warrants and undertakes that he will further protect the interests of the bike and/or other equipment by ensuring that the bike is always locked to a fixed object when unattended. Even when locked it is the hirers responsibility to protect the welfare of the bike and/or equipment and not leave unattended for extended periods of time.

The hirer warrants and undertakes that he will use the equipment in a safe and responsible manner and that he will not operate the bike/kayak/surfboard/paddleboard or permit the bike/kayak/surfboard/paddleboard to be operated whilst unfit through drink or drugs or with blood alcohol concentration above the limit prescribed for the time being by road traffic legislation.
The hirer agrees to pay on demand all fines and court costs including administrative fees for violations of local bylaws and all other legal violations assessed against the bike and hirer during the hire period.

As the hirer, you understand that any cycling, surfing, kayaking and paddleboard activity involves a certain element of risk. You are advised that any person using Go By Cycle equipment does so entirely at their own risk. Go By Cycle does not accept any liability for personal injury, loss or damage to property beyond its legal obligation.

It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that the bicycle and/or other equipment is in proper working order before the hire takes place; this includes brakes, steering, tyres, drive shaft including pedals and any extras fitted such as child seats. If any problems are noticed then this should be reported immediately where another bicycle will be issued.

Helmets are available for every bike hire, we strongly recommend everyone wears a helmet, by signing the helmet disclaimer on the hire agreement form, you and everyone in your group assume full responsibility for any accident, injury or death which should occur as a result of taking this decision. Children under 12 years old must wear a helmet.

Life Jackets are available for every kayak or paddleboard hire and it is strongly reccomended that everyone wears them dispite their level of experience.

Everyone must declare that they are in good health and that there eyesight is up to a good standard. That you are not suffering from any medical condition or disability which is likely to adversely affect there normal control of the bicycle/ kayak/surfboard/paddleboard.

All equipment will only be used in the manner for which it is intended. Bicycles must not be used on the beach, in the sea or immersed in water. Kayaks, Paddleboards and surfboards must not be dragged across the ground, stood or laid on whilst on solid land (and with care when in the water!)
You will not use “The Bicycle” for jumps, or carrying passengers, unless children with Go By Cycle supplied child seats. Children should always be supervised by an adult.

Unless previously agreed with Go By Cycle, you will ensure that you will be present for scheduled delivery and collection timeslot.

You must sign and return your terms and conditions agreement before hire can commence. We are able to take a signature on delivery.